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Great Southern Conference Program 'Inclusive'

Great Southern Conference Program 'Inclusive'

great south As the official publisher of the Great Southern Occupational Therapy Conference, ADVANCE is pleased to offer you a thumbnail sketch of this year's exciting conference program, which covers all areas of practice. The 1996 Great Southern will be held Oct. 17-19 at the Sheraton Civic Center hotel in Birmingham, AL. (See ADVANCE issues this week and throughout September for clip-out, faxable registration and housing information.)


Assistive Technology

Model for Quantitative Assessment of Assistive Technology

Facilitating Empowerment and wheelchair accessibility through participartory action research

Arm Guidance Systems


An OT Quilt

Remembering the stories

Finding the pieces

Creating a quilt

Piecing the quilt


Long-Term Care

Solutions for the mealtime woes of patients with dementia

Finger Food Diet Program for the cognitively and physically disabled in long-term care

Alternatives for seating and positioning in long-term care

Who will treat me when I'm 85?

Successfully advocating for atypical patients

OT and its role in hospice

Ageist attitudes expressed in greeting cards

Therapeutic applications of play in geriatrics

Preparation for the long-term care setting

Positioning the geriatric resident: a low cost approach to contracture management, pressure relief and restraint reduction

Reimbursement and functional outcome documentation for geriatric positioning programs

Federal regulation and state interpretive guidelines governing restraint reduction

Avoiding the pitfalls of restraints

Moving towards a restraint-free environment

African-American parental perceptions on play and children's playfulness

Comparative play behaviors of typical and autistic children

Playfulness of children from South Carolina measured by scores on "the test of playfulness"


Dysphagia & CVA

The dysphagia program at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital

Feeding groups

Competency testing of OTs for bedside dysphagia evaluations and modified barium swallows

Recovery from dysphagia in acute rehabilitation stroke patients


OT in the School System

Development of "therapy jargon" descriptions for teachers

Interdisciplinary education: OT's role in teacher preparation & certification

Sensory processing techniques for the classroom project

Sensory integration: a model for teaching the community

School-based occupational therapy


OT Education

Operation India: an Australian education initiative

Creating OT community fieldwork

Designing evaluation protocol for the admission process in an OT program

An innovative curriculum design for OT education

Student evaluation of public accommodations

Moving toward an adult learning model in OT education

A comparison of psychosocial assessments taught versus those utilized in OT mental health practice

The use of board games in educational programs


The OT as Witness

Preparing to testify

The therapist testifies

Surviving cross examination


Uniform Terminology

Uniform terminology

Evaluations and keys

Application: theory to practice



Professional Issues

Professional socialization

Relationships that nurture professional socialization

Professional socialization: the stories

Health promotion with multiple generations

Families and professionals working together

A national study of practice

Phase I of certification renewal

Continued competency models for the 21st century

Try FOCUS! (documentation)

Ethical issues in practice, presentation, and publication

Ethics: the U.S. clinician's dilema

Dealing with change in a fluid environment

Perceptions of practice in mental health occupational therapy

Managed care: a paradigm shift

Workplace OT the 21st century

A foundation for multicultural proficiency in OT

An educational model for development of cultural competence

Development of cultural competence in students

Student perspectives on cultural diversity

Meeting the OTAT program fieldwork demands

The alternative fieldwork site

The fieldwork students' response


Transdisciplinary Therapy

ADL compensatory techniques for persons with visual impairments

Oral-sensorimotor exercises

Eating skills: enhancing physical environment for persons with visual impairments

Evaluation, documentation and staffing issues in an eating skills program for individuals with visual impairments


Pediatric Practice

The Learning Accomplishment Profile Diagnostic assessments

A biofeedback technique using adaptive technology

A comparison of involved and non-involved upper-limb movement and function in children with cerebral palsy

Effects of interdisciplinary pediatric intervention on two cohort groups of toddlers and preschoolers

Identification of self-regulatory behaviors by first-time mothers


Physical Disabilities

Effects of therapeutic putty exercise sequela in healthy adults

The effect of activity versus exercise on dexterity

Using crafts to evaluate cognitive function in subacute rehab

AgrAbility: returning the disabled farmer back to farming

Group process and group dynamics in the treatment of chronic pain

Sensory regulation for low-level patients

Problem-based learning format in a physical disabilities course

A problem-based learning tutorial session

Student and faculty perception of problem-based learning versus traditional learning


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