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ADVANCE is proud to offer patient education handouts for our readers. Feel free to print them and distribute them to your clients. If you have suggestions on an existing handout, or a topic suggestion for a new handout, e-mail Online Editor Danielle Bullen.You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the handouts.


I had CMC arthoplasty, carpal tunnel and trigger finger release on 3 fingers on Dec 12, 2013 all on the left hand. My hand is a disaster. All incision points have formed terrible scar tissue adhesions. This is the first surgery I've ever had. Never even a broken bone or stitches in my 57 years so no warnings of how I'd scar I suppose. I had the type of CMC was using part of my ligament to fill the void, no pins. I'm just over 12 weeks and now also have a frozen shoulder so have PT 3 days a week, I'm also experiencing a terrible tightening sensation around the whole palm of my hand but only when the splint is removed! My surgeon has said this week he's never had this happen to a patient and if I'm not markedly better in the next 4 weeks he may have to go back in and do what I don't know or trust. My thumb looks like it was cut off and sewn back on, deformed. I'm falling into a terrible depression and scared I've been disfigured for life. Is the pre surgery pain gone, yes, but the after surgery pain is awful and I'm still on heavy pain meds more than before. I think I need a second opinion. I need help. I'm doing all exercises and everything my PT instructs, it seems it's all I do. Help! Please.

Jeri L Dearing,  Owner,  StudioMarch 07, 2014
Rocky Point, NC

just take out the extra f on the last pdff in the link

Pia May 23, 2012

I couldn't open the Repetitive Use Injuries link. The other 2 were very good.

Violet AndersonOctober 25, 2011
Manchester, NH


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