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Welcome to Learning Scope Online, continuing education from ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

Throughout the year, there will appear under this heading mini-courses on new and refresher topics in occupational therapy, written by experts in various aspects of the profession. Each course will consist of several articles. If you read all the articles in any course, you are eligible to receive a certificate of attendance with a recommended number of contact hours by writing a very short case report from your practice in which you used a skill that you learned in the course.

We believe that the experiential aspect of this unique program will actually increase your competence in practice rather than simply qualifying you for CEUs through points earned for study. Learning comes from doing, as all OTs know. People who have earned Advance Yourself credits say they not only enjoyed the effort but rediscovered things about themselves and their patients that left them with renewed enthusiasm for their work. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the program.

Select a course from the list below to access the article(s) and specific instructions for each course. You can securely submit payment online to receive a payment coupon to include with your coursework. Subscribers who are logged in will be able to store their payment information and print duplicate payment coupons and/or receipts.

If you have any questions, please email Jill Glomstad at
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CE SectionStandalone Courses Help
#CE CoursesCred.TypeCost
104How to Accomplish Best Practice in Long-term Care 5 OT $10
103The Role of Touch in Occupational Therapy 5 OT $10
102Basic Psychology in Occupational Therapy 5 OT $10
101The Integration of Occupation-based Treatment into Hand Therapy 7 OT $10

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