Healthy Aging

Occupational Therapists in Community Fitness

Capitalizing on the desire of senior citizens to stay healthy, safe and functional.

Holistic Care

Mindfulness and Meditation

Integrating mindfulness, guided meditation and visualization into your next therapy session.

Upper Extremity Rehab

A Better Grip on Hand Therapy

Interrupting the damaging downward spiral of desensitization, weakness and pain.

Cover Story

Sensory Integration for Children with Autism

How occupational therapists are changing the field of treating autism in children.

Features Archive

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Year in Review

Editor's Picks

We look back on our top feature articles of 2016.

Student & New Grad Center

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Working Toward Wellness

Working Toward Wellness

Occupational therapy moves to the forefront of preventive medicine.

Main Center

Main Center

Student & New Grad Center

From student handouts to feature stories, browse our full center here!


New! Holistic OT

It's Time for an OT Education Standard on Integrative Health

New! from the wellness coach

'Tis the Season

OT Blogs

When OTs Wore White Shoes

When OTs Wore White Shoes Blog Avatar

Aging in Place: An OT's Testimonial

Making the big move to keep aging easy and daily tasks simple.


ADVANCE Outlook: OT Blog Avatar

Quantifying the Value of OT

New research shows that OT can reduce hospital re-admissions.

Energizing Healthcare

Energizing Healthcare Blog Avatar

The Election's Gift to Healthcare

This turning point has been a stark reminder that we're treating people, not patients.

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OT Names & Faces

January 2017

See who is making news and notable career moves in the occupational therapy world.


Coloring Therapy

Therapy for Therapists

Need to relax after a busy day at work? Print our designs now to start feeling the benefits of coloring therapy... and share with your patients too.
Plus, enter our coloring contest!

Special Editions

Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

A comprehensive resource filled with articles on improving your career through education.

Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.




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Salary Center

Salary Center

Occupational Therapist Salary Survey 2017

We are collecting data from rehab professionals to get an update on salary trends in the rehab industry.

2016 OT Salary Survey Results

See the results of our survey and how your pay compares to other occupational therapists.

Salary Center

Stay up-to-date on salary trends with features, surveys and more!

Occupational Therapy Infographics

Symptoms of Stroke

NEW! Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke brings both well-known and rarely-discussed symptoms.

10 Tips for Managing Diabetes

10 Tips for Managing Diabetes

This infographic offers advice for diabetes patients to help manage their disease.

Educational Handouts

New! Patient Handout

Winter Weather for Amputees

Winter Weather for Amputees

This handout lists common winter hazards for people with mobility challenges -- and how to overcome them.

Patient Handout

Understanding Medicare Enrollment

Understanding Medicare Enrollment

Confused by the endless rules and exceptions? This printable guide can help.

Handouts Archive

Browse our library of helpful printable resources archived by easy-to-access categories.


New! Video

Becoming an OTA

Becoming an OTA

Students from Rutgers University tell ADVANCE why they've chosen to become an OTA.


Creating an Orthosis for the Thumb

Creating an Orthosis for the Thumb

The Philadelphia Hand Center takesus through the steps of creating an orthosis.

Photo Gallery

OT of the Year 2016

OT of the Year 2016

Frankie Burget treats a diverse population with many unique, holistic techniques.

Multimedia Archive


Best States for OT Jobs in 2016

We've researched job volume by state, and uncovered the best locations for your job search.

ADVANCE 2016 OT of the Year

Meet Our Winner

This holistic-minded OT connects with a broad spectrum of populations.

Honorable Mentions

These OTs deserve a spotlight on their hard work and dedication to occupational therapy.

Top OT Grad Schools 2016

Top OT Schools

Which Schools Made the Cut?

Use this list to help narrow down your wish list or see where your current school stands!

Job Opportunities


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What is Executive Function Disorder?

Often confused with ADHD and learning disorders, children with EFD have difficulty staying on task.


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