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special populations

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Health

Community and academic partnerships build bridges between disciplines.

ot of the year

ADVANCE 2016 OT of the Year

This holistic-minded occupational therapist connects with a broad spectrum of populations.


Treatment for Aphasia After a Stroke

Harnessing the link between aphasia and cognition in post-stroke rehab.

cognitive assessment

A Better Way to Measure Function

Demonstrating progress in individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Educational Handouts

Caring for the Caregiver

This helpful handout offers ten healthy ways for caregivers of patients with chronic conditions to effectively cope with stress.

Stopping to Breathe: Relaxation Techniques

In today's world, relaxation may seem like an unnecessary luxury - something to think about in between work, family, friends, and more work.

Understanding Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety - in the form of nervousness, stress and occasionally even panic - but for some it is a much more severe, constant and present part of their lives.

Everybody Gets the Blues-Even Kids

While it's not unusual for children to feel down in the dumps at times, most people assume preschoolers or preteens are too young to be depressed.


Raising a Child with Autism

Follow a family's journey through life with a daughter diagnosed with autism.


new! video

Little Accidents

Little Accidents

A New York OT consulted with the writer-director of this feature film to ensure true-to-life portrayals.

photo gallery

'The Vision Tree'

'The Vision Tree'

OT students connect with homeless veterans through art and garden therapy.

New! Video

The Mechanisms of Movement

The Mechanisms of Movement

At the Medical University of South Carolina, researchers seek new solutions for patients with neurological impairments.

Mental Health Resources

Perspectives in Mental Health

Perspectives in Mental Health

A directory of mental health articles, advocacy information and links to prominent mental health organizations.

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