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Diving Deep for Autism

Hyperbaric Therapy USA offers hyperbaric oxygen treatment in autism therapy.

Second Sight

Mark Riccobono became the first legally blind person to successfully navigate a car without the assistance of a sighted person.

At First Sight

At Appelbaum Eye Care Associates, OT and vision therapy are offered together.

A Model in OT-Teacher Collaboration

The integrated classroom model for school-based therapy is helping kids at Exton Elementary in Exton, PA.


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Pediatric Pilates

Angelique Micallef Courts, OTR/L, explains the therapeutic benefits of several different Pilates exercises children with autism can perform.

Disney's Handheld Device

New assistive device helps individuals with hearing or vision impairments enjoy the full experience of Disney Parks.

Dominic's House

Neighbors and friends come together to create a special house for 7-year-old Dominic Stratton.

Children with Feeding Disorders

Food chaining helps children beef up their eating repertoire.


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2013 AOTA Conference

Take a photo tour of the 93rd Annual AOTA Conference and Expo in San Diego.

San Diego in Pictures

From the blue Pacific to the many vivid cultural and entertainment options, San Diego has a lot to offer!

TOTA's 75th Mountain Central Conference

Take a look at the Diamond Jubilee celebration in our online gallery!


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OT India Conference

A U.S. OT shares her perspective in photos of the All India Occupational Therapy Association Conference's Golden Jubilee.

Fan the FLAME

This group of musicians with disabilities is changing the world through music.

Exercise is Medicine

Boston-area health care professionals and leaders joined the U.S. Surgeon General to walk the talk.

The Healing Power of Pets

Residents with memory-impairing illnesses benefit from interaction with furry and feathered friends.


This disease-fighting video game is targeted toward young people with cancer and their caregivers.

A Haiti Relief Story

A North Dakota nurse practitioner volunteers in Haiti.

Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

Veterans with disabilities learn adaptive Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as other adaptive activities and sports.

OT Through Dance

Sign in to view photos of an OT's dance class and learn what the tango and rumba taught her about OT.

Looking Back, Moving Ahead

A photo gallery of images from Ground Zero's past and future.

Laughter as Intervention

A look at making therapy fun!

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