ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
July 20, 2016


The Craft of Mental Health OT

In January 2016, I celebrated my 25th year as manager of the Occupational Therapy Clinic at Napa State Hospital, a large psychiatric hospital in northern California. This prompted me to reflect on what I sometimes call "old-fashioned OT" in a large "workshop" environment. Our centralized OT program cultivates the use of therapeutic task-oriented activities and crafts with an adult forensic psychiatric population. This intervention is reminiscent of our profession's roots.  Read On

OT of the Year

Know an OT or OTA you know that deserves recogntion for their perserverance in the field? Don't delay -- Entries close July 20!  Nominate

Political Convention Preparedness

When Republicans and Democrats convene, hospitals shift into high alert.  Trending Topic

Expectations for Home Health Workers

Respect and communication is a two-way street for home health professionals.  Job Board