ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
December 23, 2014

School-Based Therapy

Handwriting as an OT Intervention

"In this day and age, technology is always on the cutting edge and represents the wave of the future. When we think about education and schools, technology is an integral component of the curriculum. However when it comes to elementary school, we must remember that the 'old age' way of handwriting is still important. Recently, you may have wondered how much handwriting really matters. Well it does, especially for young children in the elementary school setting."  Multisensory Approach

Official Trailer: "Little Accidents"

The cover story of our December issue features Michael Tranquilli, MA, OTR/L, who served as a consultant for the feature film "Little Accidents" to ensure true-to-life depictions of disability and rehabilitation. Check out this official trailer for the drama, which explores the aftermath of a coal mining accident in a small Appalachian town and is scheduled for U.S. theater distribution in 2015.  Take a Look

Reducing Dementia Risk

Data shows that healthy life expectancy is not growing at the same rate as actual life expectancy. People who were 65 years old in 2010 have a 1 in 5 risk of developing dementia in their lifetime. Dementia is an umbrella term encompassing neurodegenerative disorders that impact cognitive, behavioral and functional abilities. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type, present in 55% of cases.  Physical Activity

Blog: Service Dogs and OT

"Service dogs have always intrigued me. Our old pooch Harold was smart and, like many service dogs, part shepherd and Labrador retriever. But Harold was somewhat manic and more interested in chasing Frisbees and terrorizing the postman. He seemingly had little interest in helping someone with a disability, though he was protective of our children when they were young. Training is different for a service dog than a family pet."  Desirable Qualities