ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
November 18, 2014

New App Review!

Colorful App Teaches Sorting

"Candy Count is a great app to use with children to work on sorting. Many children with autism love to sort things and this app is very appropriate for sorting and learning at the same time. This app teaches colors and numbers as the player sorts into different containers. It also works on visual motor skills, as it requires the user to drag and place the different colors into the correct colored container."  Sound Effects

Video: Robotic Therapy for Paralysis

Getting patients who can't walk back on their feet is a game changer. In 2012, Good Shepherd Penn Partners in Philadelphia invested in robotic exoskeleton technology. With almost three years of experience under their belts, clinicians have seen firsthand how patients can benefit -- even those who became paralyzed decades ago.  Take a Look!

Empowering Children with Limb Loss

"I was really self-conscious when I lost my leg, but Camp No Limits made me think I'm not alone." This is just one of the accolades a unique camp has received from campers, parents and volunteers. Camp No Limits, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, was founded by Mary Leighton, OTR/L.  Addressing ADLs

The Over and Under of Shoe-Tying

"I felt overwhelmed and uncertain when I was first asked by my fieldwork educator to come up with a tool, device or equipment that could be used as part of the treatment in a pediatric clinical site where I was completing my level II fieldwork experience. I brainstormed for a few days and was still undecided."  Developmental Milestone

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