ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
April 15, 2014

New Patient Handout!

Early Signs of Autism in Infants

"The CDC estimates about 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and a growing number of children (18%) are being diagnosed by age 3. Still, the CDC notes the majority of children are diagnosed as late as 6 years of age, well beyond the optimal time to begin early intervention services."

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Column: Have Stair Lift, Will Travel

"I'm frequently asked about safe options for accessing the second level of a home, but more frequently hear, 'just get him a stair lift.' Yes, this might be the answer for some of my clients, but I would advise doing some research first."  Fundamental Features

Yea or Nay on a 401k?

"As you enter the workforce or begin a new job, there's often a barrage of paperwork initiating the benefits package, including whether you'd like to participate in the employer's defined-contribution plan, most commonly known as a 401k."  How They Work

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Photo Gallery: Just Like the Real Thing

Simulated home and community environments mimic real-life situations to assist transitioning patients. St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane, Wash., boasts a 2,200-square-foot space that gives patients a safe way to re-enter life.  Take a Look

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