ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
August 5, 2014

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Healing Waters

With an estimated 1 billion people around the world lacking basic healthcare, and nearly 50 percent of all Africans lacking access to so much as a hospital or a doctor, the challenge embraced by an organization like Mercy Ships is daunting and demands extraordinary faith, as well as effort. Born by the inspiration of its founder and president, Don Stephens, Mercy Ships is a floating fortress of free, advanced healthcare for those in need around the world.  Challenge and Vision

Unique Healthcare Needs of Women

When it comes to health, women and men are not equal. Multiple variables, including biological, societal, and economic factors, impact the lifetime health of women. From a biological perspective, there are many conditions and diseases with greater prevalence in women versus men or that affect women differently than men.  Informed Decisions

Developing Your Elevator Speech

For many years, healthcare practitioners felt their careers were safe. Indeed, jobs in healthcare are consistently ranked among the most secure, even in troubled economic times. However, the recession has led to downsizing, reordering or restructuring of positions. In this case, "Why should we hire you?" may be the most crucial interview question ever.  Several Considerations

Column: How to Become a Holistic OT

"We would like to support you in becoming a holistic OT. What does this mean? Aren't OTs already holistic? Well, yes we are. However, we're talking about integrating holistic therapies into OT practice; what has been commonly referred to as complementary/alternative medicine (CAM), prevention, and wellness approaches."  Gaining Popularity

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