ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
May 20, 2015

Developmental Disabilities

Posture and Cerebral Palsy

"Is it inevitable that children with disabilities grow up to become adults with body shape distortions? Why does their posture go wrong, and what is there to do about it? I explored these questions through a series of visits to the United Kingdom, where postural care is a nationally recognized approach for preventing and reducing postural impairment and body shape distortions. Prior to visiting the UK, I traveled three times to India to study the intricacy of yoga postures at the Iyengar institute in the city of Pune."  Learning Journal

Advanced Work Rehabilitation

One challenge for practices focusing on industrial rehab is to develop long-term relationships with employers so they're in position to provide support. The employer needs to see the practice as a resource, not only for injury management, but for wellness and workplace injury prevention. Another challenge is to develop a service arm that can deliver services to employers at their place of business.  New Thinking

Blog: Raising a Child With Autism

"This past week was a rough one. I was working long hours each day, and A. was having a crisis at her school. One of her good friends, E., stopped having anything to do with her. As much as I can gather, other students have started a rumor that A. is, in fact, not autistic, and it seems like E. might believe these rumors, and is upset and stressed about the idea that A. may have lied to her. Whatever the reason, A. has lost a friend, and she feels pretty devastated about it."  Maturity and Optimism

2015 Salary Survey Results!

Close to 2,000 ADVANCE readers answered our highly anticipated annual survey. We've crunched the numbers to give you the best possible picture of the state of occupational therapy compensation. The data is broken down by geographic regions, practice settings and more! Click through to discover what your fellow occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants revealed about their paychecks.  Check It Out!