ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
August 5, 2015

Educational Insight

Pursuing the OTD

"By pursuing advanced degrees, occupational therapists can support the profession to be well-recognized and based in scientific evidence and literature to better meet our community's needs. No matter where you are in your career, the occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) is achievable. Is it time to consider making the choice to obtain it? As three current students completing the online OTD degree program at the University of Kansas Medical Center, we believe the answer is yes."  Looking at the Literature

Patient Handout: Back Pain and Travel

Travel plans can mask the fact that travel itself can leave our backs -- which often bear the brunt of heavy luggage, cramped transportation and unfamiliar beds -- vulnerable to further injury. But injuring -- or further injuring -- your spine while on vacation doesn't have to happen if common-sense measures are taken before and during your trip.  Lumbar Support

Keeping Therapists Safe

When rehabilitation therapists engage in transfer training with clients in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings, they often provide training in functional transfer methods such as slideboard transfers, squat-pivot transfers, or stand-pivot transfers with an assistive device. However, many clients benefit from a mechanical lift for functional transfers.  Protecting Caregivers

Blog: Taking Dad Fishing

"These days, Dad is moving a little slower so we took him to a small pond managed by the city park district near his house. We've seen other people fishing there, and no signs that say fishing is prohibited, so presumably the park district expects that people will use the lake for fishing. We were able to legitimately use Dad's handicapped parking sticker, and once we got out of the car there were curb cuts in reasonable places, so Dad could use his rolling walker. But that's where the challenge began."  When OTs Wore White Shoes

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