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Check out the new Pediapp Finder on the Google Play store. There are over 300 apps that can be used in practice and you can add apps that you use to help grow the community of app users in pediatric occupational therapy. It's free and open source! Developed by Dominican University occupational therapy students.

Adrianne LeBlancDecember 10, 2014
San Rafael, CA

Just want to say that I love Joyce Cohen Olshan's feedback on learning through their hands. There are times for me, based on the activity that I am doing, I will say to my little kids, "Hold with one hand and do with the other." They tend to engage one hand in an activity and if they are not getting activities that involve tactile aspect then their hands will be less functional. We need it to be FUNCTIONAL with a variety of textures.

Velma Adonis,  COTA,   Pre SchoolApril 07, 2014
Brooklyn, NY

I love using the iPad with my students, even the visually impaired students for many reasons. But when I looked up the recent ones listed from Tiny Hands, a frightening thought came to me. It is all well and good that these were designed by "certified child psychologists" but they are not trained as we are. Though a long list of educational values were attached to these games, the one piece missing is the tactile. None of these games are new to child play. We all grew up doing sorting and matching and sizing pieces but we did it with real objects that we held in out hands! (even if they were plastic and not authentic at least they had texture and shape and weight!) We are going to be raising a new generation of children who are denied the joy of learning through their hands the way nature intended. Technology is great for filing in those gaps where our natural abilities are challenged but it should not replace those that are still fully functioning - especially our precious hands. Of course children will still play with toys but when they don't have the bells and whistles of the techno toys it will be understandable why they will get less attention. I don't mean to sound of doom and gloom - just a heads up for those of us in our pediatric discipline.

Joyce Cohen-Olshan,  OTR/L,  state schoolsMarch 05, 2014
St. Louis, MO

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