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Photo Gallery

View photo slideshows on a variety of OT topics.

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NEW Healing Waters

Mercy Ships takes an occupational therapist on a humanitarian mission in Africa.

OT of the Year

This home care therapist in Missouri survived a harrowing ordeal to become a devoted advocate for the profession.

Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed

Children with sensory-integration issues are aided by animal-assisted therapy at ECLC of New Jersey

Just Like the Real Thing

This innovative therapy space in Washington State lets inpatients practice real-life skills in a controlled setting.



Watch our videos on topics important to the OT profession.

Video Archives >

NEW ADVANCE ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

We took the challenge... for people suffering with ALS and also for the professionals taking care of them. Watch Now!

NEW On the Scene at the Veterans Wheelchair Games

More than 500 veterans from across the country convened Philadelphia to compete in 18 different wheelchair events.

NEW Peer Positive

The Hussman Center for Adults with Autism teaches clients the life skills needed to succeed.

'Real-world Rehab' in Action

ADVANCE visits Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston to learn more about a function-first approach.


Interactive Guides

Explore our educational guides to enhance your career.

Common Running Injuries

Treatment advice for running ailments.

Interactive Weight Loss Guide

Read our kid-friendly tips for healthier living!

Back to School With Asthma

Share with patients this guide to what is essential to managing asthma and staying healthy at school.



Browse our webinar library to participate in free events.

Webinar Archives >

Say Yes to Stress!

How to turn negative stress into stress that is actually good for you and your heart health.

Creative Ideas for Sensory Based OT in the Schools

Learn strategies to assist in the functioning of children with sensory integration issues.


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