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Photo Gallery

View photo slideshows on a variety of OT topics.

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Time for Healing

Therapists and nurses help patients injured in Boston Marathon bombings recover and restore at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

OT in India

U.S. OT Toni Thompson shares photos of her visit to the All India OT Association Conference.

Pilates & Autism

Children with autism demonstrate several different Pilates moves that can have therapeutic benefits.

Featured Photo Galleries

Enjoy quality photo journalism from ADVANCE, and submit your own photos to see your event on the web.



Watch our videos on topics important to the OT profession.

Video Archives >

2013 ADVANCE Pilates Video Series

In this 10-part series, a physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor demonstrates how to perform a variety of targeted exercises.

Music and Memory Care

Long-term care residents take a walk down memory lane with the help of a few favorite beats.

The Impact of the DSM-V

At the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Regional Autism Center, therapists and parents prepare for the changes in autism diagnoses.

Pediatric Mobility

$765 billion of the money spent in healthcare annually is essentially wasted. Big data can help.


Interactive Guides

Explore our educational guides to enhance your career.

Common Running Injuries

Treatment advice for running ailments.

Interactive Weight Loss Guide

Read our kid-friendly tips for healthier living!

Back to School With Asthma

Share with patients this guide to what is essential to managing asthma and staying healthy at school.



Browse our webinar library to participate in free events.

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Say Yes to Stress!

How to turn negative stress into stress that is actually good for you and your heart health.

Creative Ideas for Sensory Based OT in the Schools

Learn strategies to assist in the functioning of children with sensory integration issues.


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