Our Mid-Atlantic & Lower Great Lakes region features OT news from PA, DE, NJ, VA, MD, DC, OH, WV, KY and MI.

State Spotlight: Delaware

In-demand OTs advocate for the profession and work to strengthen the state association.

Therapeutic Refuge

At the Children's Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, patients, therapists and families reap the benefits of a therapeutic garden.

The iPad

A tool for people of all abilities

OT Month Feature

A Student with Much to Teach

Kaitlyn Sledzinkski, born with a congenital upper limb amputation, found OT first as a client and now as a career.

Regional Guide

Preparing for Healthcare Reform

OT associations in these 10 states work to craft OT's role in the Affordable Care Act

State Spotlights


The Ohio OT Association is focusing its efforts on legislation that affects practice in the schools.


Virginia OTs don't want a brand-new practice act-just some fine-tuning.


Hot Topics In the State of Pennsylvania


Potential 'no-fault' law repeal looms over MiOTA.

New Jersey

The state's OT association hopes to attract the next generation of practitioners.

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School Directory

School Directory

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The Impact of the DSM-V

The Impact of the DSM-V

At the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Regional Autism Center, therapists and parents prepare for the changes in autism diagnoses.


Inventing Help for Hemiplegic Hands

An OT at Moss Rehab in Philadephia has invented a splint to help stroke patients use their affected hands functionally.

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No Ordinary LTC

No Ordinary LTC

Come along with ADVANCE as we walk through Exceptional Care for Children in Newark, DE.


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