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Course Title and Materials
Basic Psychology in Occupational Therapy (102)
If you are in active practice, read "Basic Psychology in Occupational Therapy." Print out the course. If you cannot print it, call Jessica LaGrossa at (800) 355-5627, ext. 1425. This will serve as your program content verification for those organizations who wish to consider granting contact-hour credit toward CEUs. ADVANCE CANNOT AUTHORIZE or GUARANTEE CE CREDIT. We can only certify your involvement in the course with a certificate of "attendance" and recommend 5 contact hours for your work. Because these courses are experiential, licensing boards usually accept them well. Write a short case report - 500-750 words - on a patient with whom you have had success using a principle(s) you learned in this course. Tell us in what setting you saw the patient, the dates of treatment, gender, age and sociocultural background, diagnosis, your rationale for treatment based on your eval, how and when you applied the principle(s) you learned from this course, how the patient responded, and how the use of this principle(s) affected the outcome of the case. Have your supervisor, employer or patient sign your case report. Do not use the patient's real name on the copies you send. Include a cover with your name and subscriber number. If you are paying online, submit your payment and print out your payment coupon. You can then submit your course materials by email or mail. IF BY EMAIL: send one copy of your case report to, and one to Please use only Microsoft Word format. IF BY MAIL: Send one copy of your case report, along with your payment coupon, to Advance Yourself, OT Advance, 2900 Horizon Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406. Send another copy to Dr. Jane Sorensen, 418 E. 73rd St., New York, NY 10021 SUBSCRIBER NUMBER: If you have a print subscription, your subscriber number can be found on the mailing label in the lower left of your magazine. It is a nine-character string of letters and numbers similar to the following: S123ABC45. If you have a Web-only subscription, you do not have a subscriber number. The payment coupon you receive online will include a confirmation number. Please include this number on your course materials so we can verify your payment. If you are paying by mail rather than online, please include the following payment information: name, address, daytime phone, e-mail address and payment information (credit card type, number and expiration date). If you plan to enclose a check, please make it out to 'Merion Matters Advance Yourself'.

This offering expires on January 7, 2020
   Course Material: Basic Psychology in Occupational Therapy

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Course NameCreditsCost
Basic Psychology in Occupational Therapy5$10

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