ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
August 19, 2015

Educational Insight

Planting Seeds of Global Concern

"All you have to do is ask, and occupational therapy Professor Joseph Cipriani, EdD, OTR/L, will talk at length about a first-of-its-kind OT collaboration in Jamaica, and how far beyond his expectations his students went during a specially designed service-learning trip to Jamaica in May. It was not a typical mission trip. Upper-level OT students had to apply and be accepted into a three-credit class that Dr. Cipriani designed specifically around the one-week trip."  Plans of Action

New Video! Beautifully Different

With a wide range of interests and a life history of overcoming adversity, ADVANCE 2015 OTA of the Year Victoria Chiantella, OTA/L, connects with her patients on a deeper level at Camelback Post Acute Care and Rehab in Phoenix. "I'm able to share my experiences, challenges and feelings with the patients, and it gives them a sense of comfort," she said.  Take a Look

Webinar: Robotic-Assisted Therapy

Re-training the neural pathways of stroke, TBI and other neuro patients to return to their functional activities of daily living is no small task. Fortunately, technology is coming to the rescue. Increasingly accessible robotics are the perfect fit for accomplishing these goals. Tara Manning, MS, OTR, will present on this interesting topic in an upcoming free webinar from ADVANCE!  Register Now

Column: Small Steps Add Up!

"There are a lot of benefits to moving more and setting a daily goal for yourself. Studies have shown that adding just 2,000 steps a day can prevent weight gain. Other benefits of increased stepping are increased lifespan and improved mood. It relieves stress and helps stimulate brain power. We all know that activity can help us feel great about ourselves. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong."  From the Wellness Coach