ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
October 7, 2015

Professional Practice

What Is Occupational Therapy?

"What occupational therapist has not been asked, 'So you're like a physical therapist, right?' Occupational and physical therapy practitioners work in similar settings with similar clients, sometimes using an assortment of seemingly similar interventions. These commonalities often cause confusion between the fields of occupational and physical therapy. Consumers, uninformed of the nuanced differences, may wonder why both disciplines are needed."  Elevator Speech

A Yoga Group for Seniors

"I came later in life to the yoga bandwagon. Once I jumped on, yoga carried me and my career to places I could never have foreseen. When I was younger, I was too restless to fully appreciate the mindful flow of yoga. My young adulthood was all about high-impact aerobics and body-pumping cardio workouts. As I approached my 50s, I was ready to receive what yoga offered me, and what it could offer my senior-aged clients."  Therapeutic Intervention

Column: The Power of Meditation

"Meditation is the practice of focused attention that can help calm the mind and body, returning it to a homeostatic balance. It can improve spirituality, compassion and quality of life; regulate emotions, lower pain and stress, ease depression and insomnia, create clearer awareness and insight, and has many health benefits."  Holistic OT

Blog: Cycling Safely

"My friend died recently. I don't know the official cause of death, but I definitely know he had some dementia that became totally debilitating during the last years of his life. He spent those final years in a long-term care facility near his daughter's home, far away from anything familiar. He previously shared with me that he'd been in a bad bicycle wreck not too long before his retirement while not wearing a helmet."  When OTs Wore White Shoes