ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners
July 29, 2015

Personal Profile

OTA of the Year: Victoria Chiantella

The ultrasound didn't show the arm missing from the elbow down. Doctors simply thought her arm was behind her back. When her parents first found out, her mother said, "Alright, we love her just the same." They named her Victoria, their "victory baby." Victoria, now 22 years old, recently landed her first full-time job as a COTA at Camelback Post-Acute Care and Rehab in Phoenix.  Finding Her Own Way

The Neurology of Orthopedics: Part 2

"In Part 1 of this article, I examined the role of the nervous system with injuries that are traditionally viewed as 'orthopedic.' Here, I wish to apply these concepts to a commonly treated condition -- distal radius fracture. Specifically relevant to this diagnosis, the presence of sensorimotor impairments has been documented."  Putting It Into Practice

New App Review: 123TokenMe

"This app can help many typically developing school-aged students who may have ADD and struggle with staying on task, or children with special needs who struggle with behaviors that impede their social skills. We all learned in basic psychology that rewarding positive behaviors, often referred to as positive behavior support (PBS), is very effective."  Visual Cue

Blog: Neurocognitive Engagement

"I recently took a trip to Allentown, Pa., to visit Phoebe Ministries, a non-profit, multi-facility organization specializing in healthcare, housing, and support services for seniors, so that I could learn about a breakthrough program designed to pave a better path for patients with dementia and other cognitive impairments."  ADVANCE Outlook